$1,200 Dish At Restaurant: New Restaurant In California Offers $1,200 Dish

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A newly opened Japanese restaurant in Los Gatos, California is offering a $1,200 dish on its menu, international news sites reported on Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

According to ABC News, Katsu recently opened in the northern California town and first thing customers will find on their menu is a $1,200 dish called the Decadence Staircase.

The said dish reportedly features Osetra, Russian Sevruga, premium Beluga caviar and Golden Osetra caviar, descending along bamboo stairs. It also includes Japanese Wagyu shabu shabu and Pacific spiny lobster sashimi. The dish is topped with 24 karat gold leaves, reports said.

$1,200 Dish: Decadence Staircase of Katsu
The $1,200 Dish, Decadence Staircase at Katsu
Credit: Katsu

Chef Katsuhiko Hanamure, part owner and the restaurant’s top chef said that he would like to attract people who are craving for high quality ingredients. “I would like to attract many different people who are craving high quality ingredients,” Hanamure was quoted as saying by ABC News.

The price, according to its general manager, Derek Schuette, is based on market supply and scarcity of products.

“Pricing is based on market supply and scarcity of products that are difficult and costly to import,” Schuette, reportedly said, justifying the $1200 dish on their restaurant.

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