12-Foot Alligator Found at South Carolina Home Front Door (Photos)

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12 foot alligator South Carolina

12-foot alligator in SC
Credit: Arthur Andrews

Ever imagine of having an encounter with a 12-foot alligator right at the doorstep of your home?

A South Carolina couple got the surprise of their lives when they they saw a 12-foot alligator outside their house last Saturday, April 13, 2013.

Arthur and Diana Andrews was not able to go out of their house for almost five hours due to the gigantic alligator.

It was Diana who came face-to-face with the 1,000 pounds alligator at around 5:30 a.m. She was about to take their Scottish Terrier for a walk when she saw the alligator at the front door.

The Andrews couple was able to take pictures of the alligator while waiting for help.

Security guards at the area tried to drive away the alligator but it got more agitated.

It took seven trapping technicians from Critters Management Inc. to capture the 12-foot gator.

12 foot alligator
12-foot alligator outside a South California home.
Credit: Arthur Andrews

In an interview by ABC News, Arthur explained what happened. Below is his account of the 12-foot alligator encounter.

I was in bed and heard her open the door and then scream and then heard the door slam. I went running out and looked outside.

The dog couldn’t have been two feet from the gator’s mouth when my wife grabbed him by his tail and pulled him back into the house, so she had to get that close too.

It was five hours minimum from the time we saw him to the time they took him away.

The gators were here before us and we just have to learn to live with them.

But that was an awfully scary episode.

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