$12.5 Million Left To Neighbor: Beatrice Gray Inherited $12.5 Million Worth Of Estate From Neighbor

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An entire estate worth $12.5 million was left to a neighbor by a rich Australian widow, Australian news sites reported on Wednesday, November 28, 2012.

According to reports, Beatrice Gray, 68, inherited her neighbor’s estate after helping Betty Harris buy her groceries and helping her with her chores.

Beatrice Gray

Beatrice Gray
Credit: Daily Telegraph / John Grainger

Harris died in 2009 with no kids to inherit her properties. A judge ruled on Wednesday that the will that she wrote in April 2005 leaving everything to her neighbor, Gray, is valid, after a legal battle with Harris‘ niece, Coralie Hart.

Reports said that Harris changed her will in April 2005 after she suspected her family was trying to put her in a nursing home and take her fortune. An earlier will, written in 1996, had left her entire estate to Hart.

Gray and her then-husband reportedly supported Harris, morally and financially, when she got ill in 2005. The Grays helped her pay bills, organize finances, buy groceries and take out the garbage.

“The Grays would be surprised, (while) my family are waiting for me to die,” Harris reportedly said after changing the will as reported by Daily Telegraph. “I am determined that my relatives, after what they have put me through, will not get one cent.”

According to Daily Telegraph, Gray inherited a $10 million home in Wyuna Road, Point Piper (as shown below), properties in Bowral and Burradoo, in the NSW Southern Highlands and bank accounts worth more than $2 million.

Betty Harris' House in Point Piper
Betty Harris left this multi-million dollar house in Point Piper to her neighbor.
Credit: Google Maps / Daily Telegraph

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