$11,111 coffee maker: Blossom One Limited coffee maker by Blossom Coffee has Wi-Fi and QR codes reader

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Blossom One Limited, an $11,111-coffee maker created by Blossom Coffee, was designed by former NASA and Apple employees, and is now available for pre-orders. Among its unique features include using Wi-Fi capability and QR codes, so that coffee drinkers can learn various recipes on how to make their own coffee.

According to a post by Blossom Coffee on its official website on Thursday, September 27, 2012, their team analyzed the science of coffee brewing from the grounds up and patented an all-new process for the design of their first product, the Blossom One Limited coffee maker, as shown in the photo below..

As noted in the report, Blossom Coffee founders are two mechanical engineers, Jeremy Kuempel, who has experiences from Apple, Tesla Motors, BMW; and Matt Walliser, who worked at NASA Ames and Formula Hybrid SAE. Joey Roth, a Red Dot Design award winner, is the lead designer of the Blossom One coffee maker.

This $11,111-coffee maker, which comes in solid sheets of wood, stainless steel, and glass, is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity so users can connect with coffee-oriented websites and get instructions for brewing the perfect cup of home on their own homes. It also has a 1.3MP camera QR reader to read QR coded coffee bags.

This Blossom One Limited coffee maker is now available for pre-orders at BlossomCoffee.com and will be shipped in Spring 2013. Only few units will only be sold, which customers can select Mahogany, Walnut, Sapele, Teak, or Zebrawood, for the material choices.

Blossom One $11111 coffee maker
Blossom One Limited coffee maker, the $11,111 coffee maker
Image Credit: BlossomCoffee.com

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