$11,000 Found At Store By Cheryl Gavazzi Returned To The Owner

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Cheryl Gavazzi, a woman from Beverly, Massachusetts found more than $11,000 in cash inside a Vera Bradley handbag while shopping at Marshalls, several international news sites reported on Friday, November 16, 2012.

Cheryl Gavazzi

Cheryl Gavazzi
Credit: Ken Yuszkus/The Salem News

According to Salem News, Gavazzi was looking at sweaters when she saw the bag on the rack. She thought it was placed on the wrong rack, but when she looked closer, she found the cash inside, worth $11,340.

Gavazzi took the bag to the Beverly police. They were able to find the owner, a Lynn man who had just reported the bag was missing. Reports said that the man told Gavazzi that his wife had placed the bag on the rack while tending to their children and forgot about it. The money had been raised by the man to help build a church in Guatemala. The man said that he had planned to sell his car to make up for the missing money after realizing the bag had been lost, reports said.

Gavazzi said she received a reward from the man. Gavazzi also said that she had only done what she hoped other people would have done for her, reports said.

“It could be their life savings, for all we know. It was the right thing to do,” Gavazzi was quoted as saying by The Salem News.

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