$11 Million Christmas Tree: Emirates Palace Hotel Regrets Overloading The Christmas Tree Tradition

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$11 Million Christmas Tree
$11 Million Christmas tree viewed by tourists
Image Credit: AP Photo/Hussein Malla

The $11 million Christmas tree was revealed on Wednesday, but there were reports saying that the Emirates Palace Hotel regretted overloading the Christmas tree tradition by decorating it with golds and precious gems.

According to reports, the hotel released a statement saying that the $11 million Christmas tree decorated with extravagant jewelries may have taken the holiday spirit a bit too far.

It was said that the hotel regretted “attempts to overload the tradition followed by most hotels in the country with meanings and connotations that do not fall in line with the (hotel’s) professional standards.”

Meanwhile, Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi said that the Christmas tree is not a stunt, but rather an effort to boost the holiday moods of its guests based on the United Arab Emirates‘ “values of openness and tolerance.”

The $11 million Christmas tree is a 13-meter high faux evergreen placed in the gold leaf-bedecked rotunda of the hotel. The tree holds a total of 181 emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and other precious stones provided by a hotel jeweler.

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