11.6 Hours Twitter Scam spreads, infecting 10,000 users to Time on Twitter app

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A new Twitter scam dubbed as ‘11.6 Hours‘ has been spreading, and was reported to have affected about 10,000 Twitter accounts and leading them to revenue-earning survey, according to a warning by Sophos on Wednesday.

Allegedly, a tweet from an unknown source is inviting Twitter users to find out how many hours they have spent on the social networking site, as a sample screenshot being shown below.

11.6 Hours Twitter Scam search results
Screenshot Credit: Sophos.com

“I have spent 11.6 hours on Twitter. How much have you? Find out here.” The spreading tweet reads, as a bit.ly link is being added, which lead to a page that invites users to a rogue app called ‘Time on Twitter‘.

According Graham Cluley of Sophos, visitors are being brought to a paid survey site where scammers may earn big money depending on the number of clicks.

Affected users are being advised to revoke the application’s access to their Twitter account at once; while Sophos strongly suggests that the public should be very careful in allowing applications.

As of this writing, the said Twitter scam has been stopped from spreading apparently due to the fast circulation of warning posts from various websites and blogs.

However, Sophos added that scammers may be transferring into a different format or other URL shorteners such as that from Google.

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