$108,000 electric bill for one month issued to a family in Oak Park, Illinois

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A nearly $108,000-electric bill for one month was recently issued to a family in Illinois, an amount that shocked the couple, who used to pay only around $300 a month.

$108,000 electric bill
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As noted at Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday, February 22, 201, Kathy and David Rajter of Oak Park told them they recently received their electric bill for the month of January that cost $107, 625.16.

According to the report, which acquired a copy of the billing statement, the Rajter family has consumed 1,647,499 kilowatt hours for that month, which is being noted to be the usual consumption of many huge industrial companies.

Apparently, the couple noted that they paid $276 for the previous month for a 2,236 kilowatt-hours usage of electricity, with the family among the thousands of Oak Park residents receiving energy from a third party Integrys Energy.

“I have automatic withdrawal, and I have overdraft protection. Imagine if I’d just set the bill aside — it would have wiped out my entire checking and savings.” Kathy Rajter told the paper, noting that it is good that they checked first the bill before it was paid.

Meanwhile, Kathy said she also called ComEd, which handles the billing statement, and requested to stop the withdrawal, and then called Integrys and she was told that ComEd will be sending a new bill.

However, she said that the new bill had an amount of “about $50,000” which is still big and unbelievable; and asked ComEd to come to their house and read her electric meter with their own eyes.

As of this writing, the bill for Rajter family has been zeroed out and a ComEd spokesman reportedly admitted the mistake and apologized for the inconvenience it had brought; and is now working on how much the family should really pay.

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