101-year old politician Josefina Villaverde runs for election in Spain

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A 101-year old grandmother named Josefina Villaverde is running for a political position in Spain this coming May 22, 2011 and is making her own political campaign in their area.

101-year old Josefina Villaverde (R) with
Cuntis Mayor Fátima Monteagudo Pereira

Image Credit: Buscavoz.es

According to Buscavoz.es, a Spanish news site, Josefina Villaverde was born on November 19, 1909 and will run for a municipal position in the city of Cuntis, Spain.

Apparently, the 101-year old politician will run as a Socialist Party candidate and was noted to be still in good mental and physical condition despite her age.

When Josefina Villaverde was 97 years old, she was introduced to Cuntis Mayor Fátima Monteagudo Pereira, who later considered her as a potential candidate.

During her political campaign, 101-year old Villaverde is being accompanied by her grandson in going places and visiting houses in their neighborhood.

Reports said that some residents are not convinced with her agenda while others find it amusing to witness a 102-birthday celebration inside the municipal office.

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