100,000 drum fish found dead in Arkansas River

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An estimated of 100,000 drum fish were found dead in Arkansas River near Ozrak, approximately 125 miles northwest of Little Rock, Keith Stephens of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission told US news on Monday.

Although fish kills happen yearly, Mr. Stephens said the figure this time is quite unusual, and suggested that probably a disease might have caused their death.

“The fish kill only affected one species of fish. If it was from a pollutant, it would have affected all of the fish, not just drum fish.” Keith Stephens was quoted as saying.

The dead fish were discovered by a tugboat operator on Thursday along a 20-mile stretch between the Ozark dam and Highway 109 Bridge in Franklin County.

The location where the dead fish were found was said to be about 125 miles from Beebe, Arkansas; where an earlier report revealed that thousands of dead blackbirds fell from the sky about 11:30 p.m. US time on New Year’s Eve.

As of this writing, Arkansas officials are investigating the root cause of the two incidents.

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