$10,000 found by 10-year old boy inside a hotel in Kansas City, returned to police

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A bundle of cold cash worth $10,000 was found by a 10-year old boy inside a hotel in Kansas City Missouri last weekend, according to a recent report at KMBC.com. Tyler Schaefer was reportedly with his family inside the Hilton Airport Hotel when he found that huge amount of money inside a drawer.

$10000 found Kansas City

$10,000 found inside Kansas City hotel
Credit: KMBC.com video

“He’s one of those kids that likes to look for stuff. We just let him open all the drawers and he’s like, ‘Oh look! I found some money,’ and we’re like, ‘Yeah, OK.’ He pulled it out of the drawer and it was a bunch of money.” Cody Schaefer, Tyler‘s father, told the news reporter via phone interview.

“I didn’t know if it was real. I showed it to my dad and he said it was real.” Tyler told the report, adding that he was extremely shock when he saw the cash neatly stacked inside the drawer. Although he has a habit of checking every corner of his hotel room every time he and his family travel, this is the first time that he has found such huge sum of money.

Initially, the family initially had thoughts on what they can do with the $10,000 found by Tyler. But they eventually decided to surrender the cash to two police officers who were working at the same hotel. Police noted that nobody has yet called the hotel to claim the money, as of that day.

“We didn’t have the money when we got there, so it doesn’t change much,” Cody Schaefer noted, although he admitted that it would be a big help for the college fund accounts for his children, including Tyler‘s two younger siblings.

“I actually think that there’s something a little hinky going on,” Sgt. Randy Francis of the Kansas City Police Department, tells the news report, noting that they are they consider this as something suspicious. The $10,000 found cash found by Tyler was all in $100 bills, but were not arranged according to serial number sequence.

Under the state law, the money will go to the state for safe-keeping if there is an evidence of a crime. Otherwise, it may eventually go the Schaefer family if no one will claim it. However, there are lengthy legal procedures to follow and Cody said he and his family are really not expecting it.

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