$100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Bank Notes Become A Hot Seller To Western Tourists For Souvenir

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$100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Bank Note
$100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar Bank Note
Image Credit: AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi

The old $100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar note has become the hottest seller to Western tourists visiting Harare in Zimbabwe, international news reported.

According to reports, Western visitors are hunting the last supplies of the old defunct note as an economic souvenir, especially the $100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar bill, which is the highest denomination of Zimbabwe bank notes.

The ZW$100 trillion bank note is selling fast for up to $5 depending on its condition, while smaller bank notes are fetching for US$1 to US$3.

A Victoria Falls resident named Dingumuzi Masuku said that the tourists were queuing to buy old Zimbabwean bank notes from street kids.

“Thousands of tourists were buying these notes for various purposes and street kids made a lot of money especially through selling the ZW$100 trillion dollar note,” Masuku said.

The Zimbabwean dollar was effectively abandoned as an official currency on April 12, 2009 when the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe legalized the use of foreign currencies for transactions in January 2009.

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