100-degree heat in Central US to go hotter, NWS warns possible heat illnesses

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The 100-degree heat now being experienced in Central US will continue and will even go hotter, with National Weather Service (NWS) warning the public on possible heat illnesses.

NWS Heat Warning map

NWS Heat Warning Map (Click Image To Enlarge)
Image Credit: Weather.gov

According to the latest advisory at Weather.gov on Monday, July 11, 2011, a large portion of the central US is currently experiencing a 100-degree heat and could be higher.

As noted by NWS, heat index values could reach up to 115 degrees in some places including Kansas City, Mississippi Valley, Oklahoma, Dallas, among others.

This excessive heat is being expected to continue through the week with Hutchinson noted to have been the hottest place in the US last Sunday as the temperature hit to 112 degrees.

“We’re definitely hotter than normal. It’s not uncommon to get above 100 for a few days in a row, but this is different.” NWS meteorologist in Wichita, Kansas Robb Lawson was quoted at the New York Times on Monday.

“The reason temperatures are spiking so high is we haven’t had rain here for a few months,” Lawson added, with Wichita to be most likely on its 19th day this year on Monday to hit above 100 degrees.

Wichita was noted to have only an average of 10 days in a year with that condition, but NWS now forecast its temperature from Monday through Friday to be hitting to 105, 104, 99, 102 and 103.

With this, NWS issued a health advisory noting that heat illnesses are very much possible and strongly suggesting to the public to drink a lot of fluids, stay out of the sun and stay in an air-conditioned room.

The NWS also advises the public to check their website to view their weather map which is being updated from time to time as well as their excessive heat warning for various US states and cities.

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