$100 bag fee for Spirit Airline passengers with carry-on bag

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A $100 bag fee will be charged to passengers of Spirit Airlines Inc. starting on November 6, 2012, according an announcement by the airline company on its official website at spirit.com.

Spirit Airline

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Spirit explained that they are passing the cost of handling the bags to passengers who carries them rather than charging them to all customers.

The $100 bag fee will be collected from customers who will pay the carry-on fee at the boarding gate.

Spirit reportedly offers low airfares, however, their average passenger usually pays more than $100 per round trip in fees.

Not all Spirit passengers though will be paying the $100 bag fee. Below is the carry-on bag charging scheme of the Florida-based airline.

  • $25 for members of Spirit’s $9 Fare Club
  • $35 for online payee
  • $40 when passengers pay over the phone
  • $50 when payment is made at the airport ticket counter
  • $100 if passengers declare their carry-on bag at the gate.

A passenger is allowed to have one personal item for free.

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