$10 Million Buried By Farmer In Garlic Field Is From Internet Gambling

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$10 Million Buried in Garlic Field
Image Credit: ABC News

The South Korean police uncovered 11 billion won ($10 million) buried in a small garlic field in the southwestern city of Gimje on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, according to several international sites.

The huge amount of money was reportedly the result of an illegal gambling operation by a farmer’s brothers-in-law known only as Lee. The 52-year-old Lee bought the garlic field and hide the money underground at dawn while pretending to be working on the land.

A laborer named Ahn discovered the hidden cash earlier when he was asked to to dig up a Japanese apricot tree in the garlic field. He was able to dug up $270,000 in cash. He reported the incident to the authorities when LeeĀ  accused him of stealing the money.

Other reports say that the money was only part of about $15 million that the in-laws allegedly earned in their operation of an illegal internet gambling site in South Korea.

One of the suspect is now being held in prison while authorities are still looking for the other.

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