$10 Internet To Be Offered by Comcast Corporation

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Comcast Corporation launched a new internet plan dubbed as “Internet Essentials,” a $10 per month internet plan for poor families, several international news sites reported on Monday, August 8, 2011.

$10 internet from Comcast
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According to reports, Comcast come up with the internet plan to comply with the requirements of regulators that they should help poor families in exchange for approval of the acquisition of NBC Universal.

Reports said that the connection will feature up to 384 Kbps upload speed and 1.5 Mbps download speed. It will be available in all the 39 states that Comcast currently serves. Furthermore, reports said that there will be no activation costs and rental fees; and Comcast also guaranteed no price increase on the $10 monthly fee.

The following are the eligibility requirements for Internet Essentials, according to Comcast:

  • Is located where Comcast offers Internet service;
  • Has at least one child who is eligible to receive a free school lunch under the National School Lunch Program
  • Has not subscribed to Comcast Internet service within the last 90 days;
  • Does not have an overdue Comcast bill or unreturned equipment.

Reports also said that vouchers worth about $150 will be provided by Comcast to help enrolled families purchase a budget computer. Access to free digital literacy training in print, online and in-person will also be provided.

“The Internet has the potential to be a great equalizer and a life-changing technology. Internet Essentials will help level the playing field for low-income families by connecting students online with their teachers and their school’s educational resources as well as enabling parents to receive digital literacy training so they can do things like apply for jobs online or use the Internet to learn more about healthcare and government services available where they live,” David L. Cohen, Comcast Corporation Executive Vice President, said in a press release.

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