$1 Million Gold Coins: 497 US Gold Coins Discovered in Alexandre Bonnet Champagne House

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$1 Million Coins

$1 Million Gold Coins
Image Credit: Alexandre Bonnet Champagne

Workers reportedly discovered $1 million gold coins from rafters while renovating the office of Alexandre Bonnet Champagne at Les Riceys village in France.

Around 497 pieces of gold coins, estimated to be worth $1 million, was found at the attic of the office building, according to reports by several international news sites on Thursday, February 16, 2012. Each gold coin reportedly have a $20 face value.

In a statement, Francois Lange, head of Alexandre Bonnet, said that “One of the workers (was) attacking the building’s ceiling with a crowbar when gold coins started to rain down on him, followed by sacks of gold.”

Observers say that the gold coins, reportedly minted between 1851 and 1928, has an estimated current market value of $980,000.

Lange reportedly gave half of the gold coins to his workers while keeping the rest for himself.

As of writing, the identity of the person who placed the coins in the building has not been determined.

The 1930’s office building, previously used for drying grapes, was originally owned by a wine producer.

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