$1.2 Million Supercar Pagani Huayra US sale banned by NHTSA due to airbag safety concerns

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The $1.2-million supercar “Pagani Huayra” was banned by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTHSA) to be sold in US due to airbag safety concerns.

$1.2 Million Supercar Pagani Huayra
Image Credit: Pagani.com

According to US news sites recently, NHTSA denied the request of the Italian supercar maker Pagani Automobili S.p.A. to sell the said supercar in the US.

In a pdf document file issued by Federal Register, Pagani‘s request to be exempted from installing advanced airbags on the twin-turbocharged 12-cylinder carbon-titanium car has been denied.

“Although Pagani has realized profits in recent years, the company asserted that immediate compliance with the advanced air-bag requirements will cause substantial economic hardship.” NHTSA said on their notice.

Pagani stated that the company only operates on the cash on hand without lines of credit or debt financing, and its small profit margin is necessary to guard it from market fluctuations.” NHTSA added.

As noted at Bloomberg, Pagani was noted to have estimated the cost the added safety measure to reach 4 million euros (US $5.7 million), which will protect children riding at the front seat of the car.

Meanwhile, the Italian car maker noted that the US sale will still pursue but will be moved to 2013 instead of 2012 which is the original plan, but did not mention how much the car will cost.

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