$1.10 A Gallon Gas Sold Due To A Computer Glitch Costs Owner, Kenny Nguyen, $21K Loss

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A computer glitch on a Valero gas station in Wilmington, California had allowed customers to buy premium gas for $1.10 a gallon for hours on Sunday, several international news sites reported.

Kenny Nguyen
Kenny Nguyen
Credit: Robert Casillas / Daily Breeze

The price should have been about $4.29 a gallon, but a recent price change that was keyed in the system did not take effect, and the system defaulted to the $1.10 price.

Reports said that words spread fast when surprised motorists found out about the discounted price. Motorists in cars, vans and SUVs lined up and filled their tanks up to the brim, and some even brought spare gas cans to fill.

Kenny Nguyen, the station’s owner reportedly sold 7,000 gallons at the discounted rate, giving him about $21,000 loss for that day.

According to Nguyen, the attendant on duty did not notice the problem immediately because he was busy manning the convenience store and the inside register. The discounted price only showed up on the outside pumps. Nguyen was not on duty that day, and only went to the station when he heard about the sudden increase of customers.

“What can I do?” Nguyen was quoted saying. He cannot do anything but hope that customers who took advantage of his unintentional discount will come back to patronize his food market.

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