“Kidnap & Rescue” Premieres Worldwide at the Discovery Channel with True to Life Rescue Missions Done by HALO Corporation

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“Kidnap & Rescue” premieres worldwide at the Discovery Channel on January 29, 2011, with true to life rescue missions done by the HALO team. This was disclosed by Discovery Channel.

HALO Corporation, headed by Brad Baker, is a security firm that specializes in rescuing kidnap victims and bringing them home safely. The group is composed of former Special Ops, Intelligence and National Security personnel who have had special, intensive training in tracking, hunting and rescuing abducted persons.

There will be 10 episodes to the Kidnap & Rescue series and would feature true to life events that occurred in the rescue mission of kidnap victims. With the premiere episode, HALO Corporation gets the honor, and with Dan O’Shea’s technical advise,  reenactments  would be  genuinely portrayed.

These are trailers of the Kidnap and Rescue premiere feature done by the HALO Corporation, uploaded by kidnapransom7 and DiscoveryNetworks.

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