“God Particle” Higgs Boson Discovery through the Large Hadron Collider?

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God Particle machine-Large Hadron Collider
Image Credit: ngm.nationalgeographic.com

The news that the “God particle”, Higgs boson has been finally discovered is untrue, this is according to various international sites, April 25, 2011.

The “Higgs” discovery rumor has originated from an “internal memo from four researchers” that had caused the confusion Spokesperson Fabiola Gianotti said.

The Large Hadron collider (LHC), tagged as the biggest existing experiment in the world is a particle accelerator which scientists hope would help them discover the God particle, Higgs boson. It was also  tagged as a possible time machine.

According to UK news sites report, university professor Peter Woit said that:

“This is either a hoax or something that will disappear on further analysis.”

The LHC is located in Geneva, Switzerland is the most powerful particle accelerator. Scientists hope to discover the God particle or Higgs boson through this machine.

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