“A Building in a Bag”, Will Crawford and Peter Brewin’s Invention for Durable Quick Shelter (Video)

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“Building in a Bag”
Image Credit: concretecanvas.com

Will Crawford and Peter Brewin had invented a “Building in a Bag” which could be quickly put up and become a durable, concrete shelter. This was disclosed by news sites, May 17, 2011.

The concrete canvas is a fabric shelter that could be inflated easily within minutes and then sprayed generously with water.  After hydration, within a period of 24 hours, it turns into hard concrete, like a building structure. According to Markus Kohler, Industrial Design Engineering lecturer, Crawford and Brewin

“…have  come up with a design that integrates plastic in and an external resin of concrete which holds the thing together..”

When Crawford and Brewin were interviewed, they expressed their desire for the canvas shelters or their “Building in a Bag” to aid the UN, the military, refugees and civil groups worldwide in erecting “buildings”.

This YouTube video was uploaded by concretecanvas, which shows the canvas being converted into concrete shelters in disaster areas.

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