‘So You Think You Can Dance’ (SYTYCD) Season 8 winner is Melanie Moore

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Melanie Moore was announced as the “So You Think You Can Dance” (SYTYCD) Season 8 winner, beating three other finalists.

SYTYCD Top 4: (Left to Right) Marko Germar, Sasha
Mallory, Melanie Moore (winner) and Tadd Gadduang

Image Credit: Adam Rose/FOX

As shown live at Fox on Thursday, August 11, 2011, Melanie Moore won over Sasha Mallory after the two young ladies were left in the SYTYCD reality dance competition.

With the overall 11.5 million votes, Moore was declared as America’s Favorite Dancer with 47 percent of the Top Four votes while second-placer Mallory earned 32 percent votes.

Incidentally, SYTYCD head judge Nigel Lythgoe has been very vocal earlier about his prediction that there will be two ladies remaining to compete in the final two.

“You two are both exquisite dancers, you have both been amazing,” SYTYCD host Cat Deeley told Melanie and Sasha, with the show having two lady finalists for the first time since season 1.

The 19-year old dancing champion from Marietta, Georgia and an art student at the Fordham University in Bronx was notably a favorite of the judges since her audition and has been consistently great on the dance floor.

Moore won $250,000 and a sponsorship deal, who was often called not only a good dancer but also a great “actress” for her excellent moves while doing her dance interpretation routines.

Meanhile, Marko Germar landed on the third spot while Tadd Gadduang grabbed the fourth place.

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