‘Selena Gomez pregnant, Justin Bieber the father’ rumor at Twitter not true

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A rumor saying that Selena Gomez is pregnant and Justin Bieber is the father of the baby has been a trending topic at Twitter, which is apparently not true.

Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber
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This Selena Gomez pregnant rumor was said to have spread via Twitter and even landed on the Top 10 Hot Searches at Google Trend in the US on Sunday.

While there were no reports who really started this rumor, there were earlier rumors that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were allegedly seen dating, in which news says that it probably triggered some Twitter users to exaggerate the issue.

On the other hand, other news sites said that some Twitter pranksters said that the rumor has been featured at legitimate entertainment news sites like TMZ, but apparently it wasn’t.

Meanwhile, news sites such as Examiner confirmed that Selena Gomez is not pregnant with Justin Bieber, and she may have been a victim of some Bieber fans who do not like her for their idol.

Prior to this rumor, an alleged topless photo of Selena Gomez is being widely circulated online but was later learned to be a fake one.

Selena Gomez will turn 19 on July 22, while Justin Bieber will celebrate his 17th birthday on March 1.

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