‘Diana underwear ads’ in China on Princess of Wales 13th Death Anniversary

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Princess Diana of Wales died on road accident in Paris last August 31, 1997, and yesterday marked her 13th death anniversary.

While most people in Britain commemorate her sudden lost and leaving bouquets of flowers outside Kensington Palace, various ads in China shows a ‘princess’ wearing a tiara, necklace, a blue bra and knickers, is starting to get attention.

The controversial underwear ads are definitely eye-catching, as the lady model is a Princess Diana look-alike while playing a cello to a child.

The bizarre ads are now being scattered in giant billboards in shops and airports throughout China.

Jealousy International, a lingerie company based in China‘s southern Guandong province, is said to be responsible for the ads, which urges consumers to ‘Feel the Romance of British Royalty’, as the ad slogan says.

On its website, the underwear manufacturer has a section on the “Diana” range with another slogan “Free your mind, free your style” and confusingly describes Diana‘s taste as “French Romantic”.

Meanwhile, British journalist Sam Chambers noticed the ad while at Shenzhen airport, and shared his reaction.

Chambers, who has worked in China for a decade, was reported as saying: “I was just going to collect my baggage from the carousel when I saw it flash up on a rolling advertising screen and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing.”

“I thought, surely not, because it was rolling quite quickly. So I waited to check when it came up again and, sure enough, there was an image of Diana. It’s all the more striking because today is the anniversary of her death.” He added.

Britain has restrictions on using images of the Royal Family to promote products but has no power to act against companies outside their territory.

Clarence House, which represents Prince Charles, refused to comment on the ad.

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